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X-L offers the following products:


This stand-alone peroxide concentrator produces 150 lb. of 90% per day when using semiconductor grade 70% feedstocks.  The system does not require constant operator attention and uses the innovative and very safe HPEC concentration technology.  It uses 20 A, 240VAC service and automatically concentrates peroxide and then pumps it to a storage drum.
Price per unit is $29,600 installed for customers in the United States.

Rocket Grade 98

This 98% propellant comes as a lightly stabilized and purified fluid in Teflon lined 500 lb. DOT drums.  Meets the MIL-
P-16005E specification, Type II.  

Rocket Grade 90

This 90% propellant again is lightly stabilized and comes in 500 lb. drums.  Meets the Mil-Spec Type I requirements.

Rocket Grade 70

This feedstock is suitable for concentrating to 90 to 98% with your concentrator.  It is also suitable for silver based catalyst screen turbine power units.

Spacecraft Grade Propellant

Within the year, X-L will offer a premium hydrogen peroxide suitable for reaction control systems on spacecraft.  This fluid will exhibit exceptional purity and stability.

Questions?  Call (720) 367-5041.

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